Let The Genie Be The Source For All Your Verification Needs

Take charge of those chargebacks - Keep your money where it belongs

Whether it be in your pocket, bank, mattress or coffee cans, we don't care where you keep your money we just want you to keep it.

Have you ever had those sleepless nights where you kept tossing and turning about how you might get chargebacks? No? Well maybe you should.

Chargebacks can cost companies thousands of dollars in revenue. Contract Genie grants you the ability to play back Mabel's voice to her (and her credit card company) so she can hear it for herself that she agreed to be charged for the product or service in question. We aren't Contract Sandman, but our service will let you rest easy.

Verbal Contract Recording

The Proof Is In The Voice Pudding

Everyone has a disgruntled customer now and again who is absolutely positive that your company promised her something that you know you didn't. We don't have a time machine (yet), but we do have the next best thing. We will retrieve and play the past recording of the conversation your displeased consumer had with the sales representative originally. This is on the phone, live, with the rep they are screaming at in the present. Think of it as drawing from our well of tranquility.

How You Can Control Your Quality (Almost) Effortlessly

You go to the doctor for checkups don't you? Are your staff members going to pass a wellness exam?

Any good business owner or manager wants to make sure that their staff is performing up to expectations. Are they adhering to your scripts correctly? Are they always including the disclaimers? Do they sound inebriated? While we aren't here to judge what drinks you allow in your office, it's always nice to do a little quality control. With us, you can listen to the recordings of every call your people were on to assess performance individually. You'll thank us later when you figure out what's really in Dave's water bottle.

Complete Centralization With Our IVR Systems

We can make your life easier than buying a bottle of Jack Daniels (and you'll sleep better too!)

What no one wants in any facet of life is more stress. Contract Genie alleviates anxiety and hassle with our recording system.

  • We keep all of your recordings in-house and have a backup system off site (and an extra backup just in case). Short of a global 100 year flood, your recordings will always be easily accessible and ultra-secure.
  • You only have to deal with us. No more spending hours tracking down a specific recording and no employee tampering. Best of all, if you have many offices and call centers in different states or even in different parts of the world, all the recordings are centralized with us!
  • No need to buy ANY extra equipment or hire an extra IT guy to maintain said equipment. All you need are phones with 3 way calling capabilities for Contract Genie to listen in and record.

Custom IVR Systems

We have the tools, we can build it.

When it comes to interactive voice recordings, if you can dream it, we can make it.

No one likes to be on hold for "the next available representative". You want to have an overflow queue for call backs when your agents are swamped? Done. We'll get them called back. No more missed business opportunities.

You can call your bank on your phone and enter your card or account number in and you hear a menu, right? It can tell you your balance or even let you make payments. We do that.

Do you need a way for customers to be able to call in and be recognized by a specific string of digits they enter to link up with your database? We suggest you start brainstorming, or call our brainstorming department.

You have the data and the ideas – we have the programmers that make it happen.

Streamlining Your Operation

And your overhead. We've got your ticket for the gravy train.

If there's anything better in this world than getting a machine to do work you'd ordinarily pay exponentially more for a human to do, we'd like to know. No, really.

Imagine a technology where you didn't have to pay an employee to pound away at the phone all day to make collection (or reminder) calls to customers who are probably going to dodge them anyway. Imagine for a moment that those employees could, in fact, receive phone calls from people who wanted to talk to them. Are you imagining it? Our outbound recorded calls will tell your customers how much they need to pay or tell them what they need to do. If the customers are so inclined, by the press of a button they will be transferred to your live agents.

And maybe you want to take it a step further. With the same system, your customers can easily pay over the phone if we call them, or they can call in to the automated system. Significantly less manual outgoing calls, therefore less overhead, means more money for you.

Who We Grant Wishes For

Merchant & Credit Card Processors

Cable & Telecom Providers

Alarm Companies

Online & Retail Merchants

Membership Groups

Vacation / Travel

Call Centers / Telemarketing Rooms

Credit Collections

Debt Consolidation Industry

Health Insurance and Providers